Photos Backup Anywhere

Safeguarding your photos is essential. Photos Backup Anywhere allows you to back up your complete Mac photo library including iCloud Photos to any destination of your choice and ensures your photos and videos are stored in their original quality.

Flexible Destinations

Choose where you want your photos stored. Whether it's an external drive, a network location, or a NAS system, Photos Backup Anywhere supports a wide range of storage solutions.

Set Once and Forget

Configure Photos Backup Anywhere once, and it'll continuously back up new additions to your photo library in the background, giving you peace of mind without the need for constant monitoring.

Seamless iCloud Integration

For those who use iCloud for their photos and videos, Photos Backup Anywhere seamlessly integrates, making sure new content in your iCloud is also backed up. It works even if you've turned on the "optimize storage" setting and your full library doesn't fit on your local computer.

Maintain Original Quality

Photos Backup Anywhere preserves the original quality of your photos and videos, ensuring clarity is uncompromised.

Control Your Own Data

With Photos Backup Anywhere, you maintain control over your own data while still enjoying the benefits of iCloud Photos. This means you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of iCloud Photos and the peace of mind that comes with having personal control over your backups.

Synchronized Deletion

If you delete photos or videos from your library, Photos Backup Anywhere offers an option to mirror those deletions in the backup, ensuring both locations stay in sync.


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